Frankenfriend 30-Second Teaser

This is the 30-second teaser I created a couple of weeks ago for my latest short film “Frankenfriend,” which also won 2nd place at the Boomtown Film and Music Festival’s 2016 “Small and Creepy” film contest. I had a lot of fun throwing it together and hope it captures the essence of the classic B monster movies that inspired it!


Frankenfriend Official Trailer

Finally, after almost five months since entering my second short film “Frankenfriend” in a contest, I was able to download Final Cut Pro X on my Macbook Pro and cut a trailer in preparation for submission of this project to multiple film festivals. This was my first attempt at creating one and I wanted it to appear like a commercial geared towards ten- and eleven-year-old kids with bullying problems . . . after all, I was bullied quite often at that age and could have used my own Frankenfriend kit!

Frankenfriend Poster!

Just about the time I was preparing to do final editing on “Frankenfriend,” including some color tinting and audio tweaking, I decided to first create a poster with a tagline I felt would help set the tone of my short film. I initially used a program called Collagelt 3 Pro, which I downloaded from Apple’s App Store, in order to create a mosaic comprised of four  screenshots I captured from the Final Cut Pro X master file. Then I used Keynote to import the mosaic, create the background, and add in the text. Not too shabby after a few hours’ work! I may have to put this on a t-shirt at some future juncture . . . we shall see.