“Frankenfriend” on Black Gate’s Goth Chick News!

Good evening, everyone! It’s the heart of Saturday night and I’m feeling pretty spirited, hence why I’m imbibing some pretty excellent single malt Scotch (Balvenie Caribbean Cask aged 14 years) at the moment. While I’m waiting on some potentially exciting news regarding a “Frankenfriend” festival entry, which I hope to reveal at some point in the next couple of weeks if fortune shines favorably upon me, I wanted to share some news of a different kind . . . first, a brief flashback.

In November 2014, I attended the 40th anniversary of the World Fantasy Convention in Washington, D.C. (technically Crystal City, Virginia but close enough) and did something rather unconventional for a newbie outsider with no published novels or short stories. I created 50 illustrated, accordion chapbooks for my short story “Edgar Allan Paws and the Tell-Tale Tail” snugly tucked into black, satin-lined caskets, and handed out about 25 or 30 to random people attending the convention. While some of the lucky recipients were creeped out by this or thought I was certifiable (perhaps both?), a few of these chapbooks were well-received by their new owners, and one eventually made its way into the hands of Black Gate’s own Goth Chick News columnist Sue Granquist in Illinois. She absolutely loved the book, wrote a very nice article about it here, and began to follow my work. The rest, shall we say, is history . . .

Moving back to the present, I’d recently completed my first real illustrated book The 12 Frights of Christmas: A Collection of Yuletide Perils and sent Ms. Granquist (to whom the the book is dedicated since she originally gave me the idea to create it based on a series of drawings I’d done in December 2014) a promotional copy I designed on Blurb. I also enclosed a DVD copy of “Frankenfriend” as a bonus, hoping she’d watch my little Tim Burton tribute and maybe even enjoy it. What I did not expect was for her to write to back-to back feature articles on them – oh my, how wonderful they are! Below is the link to the second of these articles (the first is also embedded therein) that was just posted two days ago, so please check it out if you would be so kind:


Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.47.42 PM

Now I must bid you adieu . . . I believe have some Scotch to finish tending to.



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