Scares That Care Charity Weekend 4 Recap!

Good evening, everyone! I know it’s been several weeks since my last post, but I’ve been burning the candle at both ends (on top of a regular Monday – Friday, 8am-to-4pm career) prepping some promotional material to hand out at next weekend’s Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival in Long Beach, California . . . and boy, it’s a doozy, so expect more on this in the coming days. That event aside, I just returned from Williamsburg, Virginia where I attended a screening of “Frankenfriend” during the Scares That Care Charity Weekend 4 convention at the Doubletree By Hilton near Busch Gardens – there were actually two scheduled screenings, but I missed the first one scheduled to run on Friday at 6pm by about 15 or 20 minutes because of a myriad of factors that included waiting on a shipment of “Frankenfriend” posters which didn’t arrive until minutes after I left to make the drive down from Maryland (my luck is like that), hellish traffic en route, and impossible parking at the convention hotel! No matter though. In spite of these setbacks, I was determined to make the best of it from that point on and I must say things turned out quite well. I even got to meet the event manager and Scares That Care board of directors member Brian M. Smith, who was very kind and secured my weekend pass per my paid sponsorship, and also liked my little short — okay, by this time things were looking up.

After my not so timely arrival on Friday evening, I lingered for an hour or so once I get my pass to have a look around and check out some of the vendors. I also took a quick tour of the celebrity room, noting the attendance of horror film celebrities such as Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator, From Beyond), Julian Sands (Warlock, Gothic), and Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) and recall how I used to happily shell out my hard-earned cash for an autographed picture from the likes of Bruce Campbell, Doug Bradley, or Tom Savini once upon a time. Now, returning as a content creator, I had a different focus and hoped to get a few people to come to the next “Frankenfriend” screening (slated for Saturday at 2:54 p.m. according to the convention program), and maybe even make a few friends.

I returned the following afternoon around 12:30 p.m. with my mother (who attends all of my screenings if possible and helps promote my creative endeavors since I’m mostly a wallflower), determined not to miss my 2:54 screening, and actually secured a decent parking space almost immediately upon arrival.  The dark cloud that hovered over me throughout most of the previous day had at last evaporated, of this I was certain, and I was ready for whatever was in store. Surprisingly, I did cross paths with a nice young lady named Cori (a fellow Tim Burton and horror film enthusiast) and her daughter Abby, who were staying at the same hotel I was and attending the Scares That Care convention as well. I invited them to the “Frankenfriend” screening and gave them a signed copy of the DVD . . . seeing as how they were both what I would consider my “targeted audience” for “Frankenfriend,” they totally made my day by showing up and I hoped they enjoyed the piece since I did not get the chance to talk with them after it was over. I’d like to think they did.

All in all, since these were the first public screenings of the festival ready cut of “Frankenfriend” after a rushed version premiered in Beaumont, Texas last October at a Halloween blood drive-in event hosted by the Boomtown Film and Music Festival, I’d have to say that this venue was a successful one and the audience present for the Saturday afternoon one seemed to like it . . . even though the volume was a bit low following a showing of the silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. But that’s okay; I was just happy to be there and have the chance to pay it forward.

Below are some pictures I took of prop displays, souvenirs I purchased, curiosities vendors had on display, a few people dressed in interesting costumes, the Scares That Care Charity Weekend 4 program cover and the “Frankenfriend” advertisement inside, a picture of me posing near a busty Elvira-esque mannequin (why not, right?), and even my dog as seen lounging at the hotel. It had been quite a long time since I was at one of these, and I felt right at home. . . .

Long Beach here I come!

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